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Probate Law Firms

At Ellyn Estate Sales, we specialize in handling sales for Probate Law Firms!
Ellyn Estate Sales has worked with many Probate Law Firms and Trustees over the years. These are very special situations because of the fiduciary obligations you have to your clients or the courts system.
We understand the need to provide a detailed account of items sold. We also are very sensitive to maximizing the value of items sold for the family members.
In these types of situations, you need to have a professional with the right type of experience that you can feel confident in.
We appraise and value each item.
We sell what is marketable at the best price available.
If needed, we will clean out the building.
Once done, we provide a detailed account of items sold.
In most cases, there is a net profit to be distributed as required.
Professional is the key term! We value your reputation as much as our own. We know that Probate Attorneys need to maintain a perfect reputation to encourage clients to sign up with you. With Ellyn Estate Sales, we guarantee that we will only enhance your image and you will be proud to work with us.
Let’s talk before a matter pops up that you need assistance with. Email or call us today for information – this way you will have our card handy when you need it!
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