Should You Give Away or Donate Items?

Before deciding to donate or give items away, it is prudent to have myself evaluate items. Sometimes items you might believe have little or no value have more potential than you think. Other times items which you might donate or give away, work as calling cards to bring customers into your sale.

People find treasures in thrift stores, and everyone has heard a story of a person who received an item from the estate of a neighbor later determined to be worth a small fortune.

Then there are the countless little things found in a home that get tossed or donated. It may surprise you to learn that estate sales shoppers are willing buyers of a wide variety of items. They’ll buy the toys, trinkets, and dishes you think have no value; or think you are better off throwing away. Let myself help determine if an item should be donated or not.

The dollar value of the many small, seemingly inconsequential items that every house contains, has the potential of creating thousands of dollars of income This why it’s a very good idea to let Estate Sales by Ellyn sell items on behalf of your estate.

Resist the temptation to randomly give away items to neighbors or distant relatives before you have had a chance to consult with Estate Sales by Ellyn. If you give too much away, you risk the possibility of not having enough to attract customers to your sale.

Here is a list of modestly valued items which are sold at one of my estate sales. These types of items can enhance the sale of items which have a much greater value.


Items of Modest Value Can be Sold


Broken Jewelry

Outdated Stereo Equipment


Old New Papers




Cleaning Supplies


Office Supplies



Outdoor and Garden Items

Small Decorative Items

Craft Supplies