Real Estate Professionals

Real Estate Professionals

At Ellyn Estate Sales, we specialize in handling sales for Real Estate Professionals!

The Problem Part One:

Many times when a person lists their home for sale, they have excess clutter in their homes that must be liquidated for you to properly stage their home for selling. Some of these items have value while other items need to be discarded and removed. Further complicating this problem is the personal attachment many customers have to their belongings.
At Ellyn Estate Sales, we have programs available that assists you with your client to eliminate excess items from their home. Upon your request, we will evaluate the contents of the home to be sold and sit down with the client with special care to help them understand the need to sell or have the items removed from their home. While each case is different, in most instances everything can be done with no cost to your customer and most of the time put money in their pockets. Living in south Florida since 1973, we know the demographics here and take special care to work with seniors and their family members, so they feel confident in the process.

The Problem Part Two:

When a home sale happens and a client needs to be out of the home by a particular date, but they have no idea what to do with their items, we can assist to make sure the house is ready to turnover by the date required.
In most cases, we can quickly help. Our plan begins with evaluating the items that need to be either removed or sold form the home. Once an evaluation is done, we will plan the right type of scenario for the situation presented to us. In many cases, a sale and a cleanout will bring your customer cash. In most situations, the customer will have to pay nothing to have the clutter and/or junk removed from their home.
Ellyn has a reputation of working with Real Estate Professionals across south Florida and can find a solution to most any need a Real Estate Professional will bring to her.
Professional is the key term! We value your reputation as much as our own. We know that Real Estate Professionals need to maintain a perfect reputation to encourage clients to sign up with you. With Ellyn Estate Sales, we guarantee that we will only enhance your image and you will be proud to work with us.
Let’s talk before a need arises! Email or call us today for information – this way you will have our card handy when you need it!
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